• Provide best in class HR Technologies and integrate with these processes and implement them so as to achieve a seamless and integrated securing processing environment.
  • Takes over painful transactional and time consuming processing activities in a customer’s organization for HR Business Processes by conducting the same on very secure technology and process regulated processing centers.
  • Provides the on the Cloud Human Capital Management Platform covering all Hire To Retire Processes – called the Employee Life Cycle Management .
  • Provides Employee HR Services by becoming the Managed Employee Services Web Help Desk to respond to employee queries, Background Verification, HR Audits and a whole host of other services to suit various HR needs.
  • Deliver and Support the Implementation
  • Work with customers constantly changing HR , IT and business needs to create new custom applications for HR Business processes where they are required and justified.
  • Cnergyis helps organizations outsource their critical HR processes , thus making HR a true strategic business partner.

Cnergyis has an HRMS that provides hire to retire software and HR services for HR. Each customer gets the benefit of an HRMS consultant who ensures a complete implementation of the HR software solutions chosen by the customer. HR software programs are bundled and integrated together internally to make the HRMS behave as a single HR system software and an HR software solution. Cnergyis is among the leading HR outsourcing companies and has been providing this HR system software for the best companies in India including large enterprises and SMEs. HR and payroll services are provided based on specific needs as a standalone service or along with the HR system software provided by Cnergyis. It is HR tax software as well since it meets the needs of employees to compute individual taxes for the year. If you are looking for outsourcing of HR, look no further. Cnergyis is among the leading HR outsourcing companies that quickly get you started. Send us a mail through the contact us form to be immediately contacted for understanding your HRMS, HR software programs or HR services requirements and the next steps. Cnergyis has the best HRMS solutions and is one of the top HR outsourcing firms in India.

IQ Testimonials

" I know all that I need to know about my compensation, PF. Everything is web based which puts me in total control.