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Claims & Re-imbursements Management Software

Cnergyis provides an ONLINE – WORKFLOW driven platform for managing the Claims and Reimbursements. Employees need to know their Eligibilities and Balances for making their Claims. Most of the times queries and requests float for information like eligibility, balance, status updates, etc. that consume resources and energies of the teams, Employee Claims Management is a time-consuming process for any organization.

Using Cnergyis Claims Management Software platform, the same are addressed with better controls, visibility, and transparency. Results are reduced time to processing, better verification and approval controls, and faster disbursement and on top of all, visibility to employees of the stage of their transactions. All combined lead to higher Employee Satisfaction, which is one of the core elements to achieve overall success of the organization.

With a combination of an online workflow on the employee self-service portal, and physical verification of documents, the Claims& Reimbursement module, enables quick efficient processing and disbursement of claims & reimbursement.