Employee Recruitment & Management Software For HR

Business Budgeting exercises are linked to Manpower Productivity, Current Resourcing and Future Growth plans. Cnergyis provides the necessary business platform for your organization to link all of these and more together to help arrive at the Manpower requirements across the organization units.

If you want an integrated solution that works with the Sourcing & Recruitment Platforms, we  are keen to understand how we can assist you in your business goals.

Cnergyis recruitment software is one of the most flexible tools in the marketplace. It helps to simplify your complex recruiting parameters and align all the stakeholders in the recruitment process from the candidate to the interviewers to the admin teams to ensure an effective way. It is the best recruitment software that can be integrated with the Advanced Talent Management Software subsequently for advanced needs in organizations. Give us a call if you like answers to some more questions you have now?

Cloud Planning & Recruitment Software

  • Organizational Unit Wise
  • Linked to Recruitment
  • Help in Manpower Budgets

Recruitment Management Software – Joining and On-boarding Module

The human Recruitment Management System Software Platform on the cloud from Cnergyis,  provides organizations the extreme flexibility to choose this basic activity engine so that its Sourcing and Hiring Processes can be automated without altering the other processes which are currently running well in your organization. It can also be a start point of your project implementation activity if you are going the HRMS way on the cloud!

The Cnergyis Recruitment Management Software engine can operate at these minimal requirements for organizations that want to start small and then scale up to include to other elements in the implementation of the Recruitment Software Platform.

They are technology neutral; they can integrate with any other application running in the organization.

Recruitment Management Software – Joining and On-boarding Software

If your organization is looking for enabling solutions in HR that help to

  • Automate your Joining Process to keep rapid Employee On-boarding.
  • Generate Appointment letters with digital signatures.
  • Get employees to go through training and induction process.
  • Where necessary successful testings included.
  • All other processes, using the Cnergyis On-boarding Software.

Cnergyis © My HRMS platform can rapidly enable you to achieve that outcome in less than 4 weeks.