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Employee Performance Management Software

The Performance Management Software Module helps the organization plan, monitor and evaluate the performance of employees. This web-based module assists organizations establish standards and measures like KRAs, Competencies, Value Orientation and other performance factors. The mode could be 360 degrees based on the Balanced Score Card framework or any other internal custom framework. Organizations use the vast experience of Cnergyis to implement its Performance Management System in the Companies.

The Cnergyis Performance Management Platform helps and allows your businesses to have on this engine subtle variances of performance management that are so very critical to ensuring a consistent communication between and across role holders in the organization.

Cnergyis can help you design and re-design Performance Management systems based on your current and ever changing operational business challenges and realities. Services are available if the customer is engaged with Cnergyis under the Advanced Services Pack or the Employee Life Cycle Management Services Pack, which you can choose from.

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