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Time & Attendance Management Software

Time & Attendance Hardware devices need softwares to run , maintained and managed. They do not integrate with other ERP applications easily. IT has to get involved in every maintenance job which should in the first place not have existed.

Cnergyis helps SME and large enterprize businesses get the software for time and attendance so that their needs are met quickly and comprehensively. Critical reporting requirements are automatically enabled for the top management to know and control people resources for optimal planning and utilization. Exceptions’ reporting is automated and helps management time be focussed on productive work as against transactions that consume time today chasing such data internally. It is a web based time and attendance software and can scale as your organization scales up across the globe without any restrictions. It is also a biometric time and attendance software which integrates automatically with our recommended biometric access control system so that your organization does not have to invest in separate software, maintenance and integration issues with this system. It is a powerful software for time and attendance which meets the most complex needs of capture, reporting of small and large organizations. With the most complex processing capabilities and its uniqueness for high configurations, the Cnergyis software for time and attendance can be used to give you the best in class and best practice software for your needs.

Cnergyis helps organizations move up the cycle chain with ease and almost zero costs. We help eliminate multi vendor requirements, we present one integrated platform which integrates hardwares with Time & Attendance software on our integrated platform to give you :

Time & Attendance Management Software Features

Real Time Integration of T&A Data swiped at remote locations centrally

Real Time Metrics of Management Reports that Organizations need for ongoing operations management

Ability to build new specific add on functionality requirements onto the new platforms

The Cnergyis human resource time and attendance software can be implemented standalone in less than a week! Try it out!