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Background Verification & Authentication

  • Recruiting a candidate can be fruitful
  • Only when you have chosen the right one
  • To do that it is vital to go a little beyond
  • And verify candidate’s background in detail

Empower by Partnering with FIRST On the Cnergyis©MyHRMS IT Platform

    • Eliminate doubt about the integrity of job applicants
    • Strict quality assurance program for all the investigations
    • Track investigations online as they happen with our cfconnect tool
    • Get the right candidate by verifying in many ways via background verification process done in many ways

Background screening includes many things

  • Employment check
  • Education check
  • Reference check
  • Address check
  • Credit check
  • Identity check
  • Credentials check
  • Criminal check

In order to select a perfect candidate for your company, it’s crucial to perform employee background verification. Since the employee serves as an asset to your company, apart from being well versed for your required post, the employee must also possess a clean and authenticated grounding. Through verification of employment and other background verification processes, you can be assured that you are recruiting a trustworthy and history free employee. Cnergyis serves to provide you with the finest HR service solutions among the background verification companies in India that endows you with reliable and liable service of employment background check.