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Employee Help Desk Services

Consider this, If your organization has all the systems, process and application software to help you with HR operations then you need only qualified and trained people to run these software applications in-house. Managing this large team of HR Employee Help Desk Executives is a low value added, yet critical HR activity that has a direct impact on Employees Satisfaction inside your organization.
Large organizations which experience a spike / variability in business growth today opt for this new flexible model – outsourcing Help Desk Services to a specialist HR Outsourcing organization that runs this business every day.

Cnergyis can help you to

Service Code : HDS1
Get Help Desk Support Services on your application platform (you will train and certify our trained manpower and will provide INFRASTRUCTURE, IT Support, Licenses,…)

Service Code : HDS0
Get Employee Help Desk Support Services on the Cnergyis ©MyHRMS Cloud HRMS Platform for you as a customer, without any investments by you on CAPEX, Licenses, IT Support,..
You do not have to buy a new system, if you are scaling up. The Cnergyis Employee Help Desk Support Service will scale up to your scale up needs and will meet your Service Level Agreement and Turn Around Time requirements.

Cnergyis will also as an extension provides you ©My HRMS Platform IT-Support where required as part of the service.

You can choose to engage in 3 ways with Cnergyis

  • Flat Monthly Trained Manpower Fees from our Academy
  • Transaction Based Fees, based on volume and complexity of work – from offsite location
  • Transaction Based Fees, based on volume and complexity of work – from onsite location