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PF Trust Accounting Services


The Cnergyis (c) MyHRMS IT Platform has ESS features for CTF integrated as related to the three employee trust funds: PF, Superannuation, and Gratuity.Cnergyis customer employees can seamlessly use the platform and access the services based on their profile enablement/services configured for their role types by their organizations for them.

Features of CTF-ESS on the (c) MyHRMS IT Platform:
Employee can view his CTF data through CTF-ESS

The employee has the following features available to view his / her own CTF data:

  • Current status
  • Nominee details
  • Transfer-In details
  • Loans eligibility
  • Annual statements(PF)
  • Annual statements-Form 7(P.S.)-Pension
  • Settlement calculator
  • Download useful forms
  • My queries
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Download PF Rules
  • Download Employee Pension Scheme-1995

Feature: Current status

This shows the opening balance and the monthly contributions, as well as the total available amount.Any deductions due to Non-refundable withdrawals, Refundable loans, etc. are also displayed.Any transfer-in from other funds is also shown.

Feature: Nominee details

The nominee details of each fund are displayed.

Feature: Transfer-in details

This will show the details of transfer-in received from earlier funds where the employee was a member.

Feature: Loans eligibility

This shows the availability and eligibility for various NRPF/RPF loans that an employee is eligible for. An option to download the form, prefilled with values is also provided. The required documents for this are also displayed in the form.

Feature: Annual statements

Annual statements of PF for each year in PDF format can be downloaded.

Feature: Annual statements-Form 7(P.S.)-Pension

Form 7(P.S.) downloads in PDF format.

Feature: Settlement calculator

A calculator to predict the balance year on year till retirement, based on input criteria provided by the employee, in terms of average increase in basic pay, VPF, rates of interest.

Feature: Download useful forms

Download useful forms, including Form 2, Form 13, etc.

Feature: Frequently Asked Questions

This is a download of an FAQ document explaining employee funds, and common questions of

Feature: Download PF Rules

Download of the PF rules.

Feature: Download Employee Pension Scheme – 1995

Download of the EPS document.

Superannuation Scope

DCS balances will be displayed. This will be confined to display of opening balances, contributions, accruals of interest, transfer in, nominees, and download of annual member statements. These are similar to PF scope above excluding loans, settlement calculator, etc.

Gratuity Scope

A gratuity calculation would be shown based on Gratuity Act. (There are no contributions at member level. Depends on years of service.)

The Cnergyis (c)MyHRMS IT Platform computational engine running the CTF-ESS can generate the following kinds of reporting outputs , that cover the entire gamut of organization and individual employee needs supported by the DOMAIN Support and Service of the powerful partnership between Cnergyis-eNext for you as a customer:

  • Report types +
  • Statement types +
  • JV Types+
  • Ledgers +
  • Etc+

If you are looking for custom solutions , please go to our HR Solutions link and post your exact requirements. We can consider these requests if it is feasible for us to service them . We will get back to you in 2 business days with a response, if your inputs are adequate for us to respond. Else we will get in touch with you on Day 3.