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Enterprise Class Cloud Recruitment Software

Recruitment and HR Leaders who are in the midst of a quick growth phase or have decided to go in for best-in-class Recruitment Software need to look no further !

The Cnergyis Recruitment Software is an On-The-Secure-Cloud product that meets your current needs of complexity quickly so that you can get the software deployed by Cnergyis teams in mere weeks if not days for your company use. Cnergyis Recruitment softwares are used by the most complex and demanding recruitment customers in India and select global geographies.

Cnergyis Recruitment Softwares are tested in the most demanding Recruitment and Sourcing process frameworks for large enterprize recruitment needs and SMB needs of a quick deployment.

Whether it is Sourcing Process mapping that you need a configuration on or specialized sourcing processes that you want configured or existing processes in the product reduced for your quick implementations for now – all these are quickly possible , thanks to the full implementation of the software by the Cnergyis Implementation teams in days.

Current Resources, Current and Required Bench count, Requirements by location for individual SBUs if you have them are some of the functionalities apart from the standard ones that the recruitment software would have.

Your sourcing and hiring processes can be quickly automated by the use of the Cnergyis Cloud Recruitment Software. Cnergyis teams will provide training as part of the implementation process. You will have an exclusive opportunity to explain your specific needs that the Cloud Recruitment Software will have to meet , before the start of the implementation process .

You get :

  1. Special previleges if you sign up today !
  2. Cloud Infrastructure Managed 99.95 % SLA Availablity – No Hardwares for you to buy
  3. Encrypted 128 bit SSL – Security Provided
  4. Best In Class Recruitment Software – Supported for Functionality
  5. Reporting Features – Included in the Software
  6. Integration Features – For subsequent integration with other IT Applications
  7. Constant New Enhancements of features through auto-upgrades every year
  8. Custom Requirements in the future – Supported separately

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If you have integration needs with your current IT Applications, they can also be met quickly. Signup now for Cnergyis Recruitment Software Integrated with your applications.

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On-Demand Talent Management Software

Talent Now – The most innovative Talent Management Software for specialized and extensive recruitment requirements.

For organizations looking to expand the reach of their  recruitment requirements through the extensive use of  Social Media and to get extensive reporting and analytic needs met  , you have come to the right place.

The TalentNow plugin or stand-alone Cloud Recruitment Software product or solution can be deployed in days to get you quickly using the power of is processing and analytic abilities.The Implementation team post your signup will connect up with you on phone or where possible with a meeting to understand your specific needs and requirements. Training your teams is a part of the implementation process till they are able to do the quick steps themselves for processing, reporting and analysis.

You can be running the most demanding and complex recruitment processes or operations or you could be requiring the availability of a software that has the depth in its features to support your most complex requirements , quickly.
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Some of its features include:

  1. Role based Dashboard and Reports
  2. Activity based auto-email reports
  3. Create custom reports on the fly
  4. Recruiter Activity Reporty
  5. Recruiter Performance Reports
  6. Recruiter’s Customer Reports
  7. Revenue Reports
  8. Control Reports
  9. Social Reach Reports
  10. On-The-Cloud Database of Profiles updated with the newest ones received
  11. Ongoing New Features & Reports
  12. Integrated on the Cnergyis Cloud Recruitment Software Platform , where required

Stop Hard Work. Do Smart Work .On the Cnergyis Recruitment Management Platform.

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On-Boarding Software

A lot of in company executive time is spent on on-boarding employees simply because of non-availability of an agreed process to on-board employees in companies.

Cnergyis helps bring its best practice Cloud On-boarding Software to help quickly get you started and get the best in class processes established to minimize the use of executive and administrative time .

If your organization is looking for enabling solutions in HR that help to

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  1. Automate your Joining Process
  2. Generate Appointment letters with digital signatures
  3. Get employees to go through training and induction processes
  4. Get tested on meeting specific checklists
  5. Additional processes that might be unique to your requirements , as long as they are within industry norms 
Cnergyis On-Boarding Softwares can be quickly implemented and deployed .
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