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Complex HR Needs for large enterprise organization

When you buy HR Software products and implement them after significant investments of time , effort and money ; you also realize that there are a multitude of HR Business Process and IT needs that still have not been met. Not because the product is not of a good quality or that your decision to buy was probably not correct; but because the HR needs of your business enterprise constantly changed over the last year. This resulted in much functionality that needed to be upgraded or re-configured to make them relevant to the new needs as you keep moving forward in the organization.

You buy HR Softwares for some specific needs today. In about a year or more, the software functionalities would have advanced in the market, but you would have got locked in to that version.

Also the fact that every organization HR has unique needs that softwares should meet (which they are not designed for, since they are products), it is impossible for all your HR needs to be met.

Some examples:

  • The Time & Attendance software from Vendor A using Technology X was implemented successfully with rules built in that worked fine
  • Meanwhile your organization also decided to go for the globally validated Performance Management System – huge costs of Software Licences – and then implementation was a different and expensive effort
  • Unfortunately when you wanted the Time & Attendance swipes to get into PMS system variable, it was not possible to integrate them. The software vendors were willing to do it at astronomical prices since these were two different technologies.
  • Every new change or new feature or functionality requirement on PMS meant costs, time and effort – Purpose of Automation lost

Cnergyis lands into this complex situation , understands your new needs, takes legacy data from the two systems , integrates these into its BIG DATA HCM platform and provides one single comprehensive solution covering all the softwares and many more at no capital costs.Cnergyis technical and functional domain teams ensure that you get a singular integrated solution.

  • GoLive in less than 45 Days for Large Enterprise Organizations, 5 Days for Small & Medium Enterprizes

To provide and implement in Small & Medium Enterprise organizations the same global best HR practices with Cloud HR Software solutions as those to the Large Enterprise organizations in a rapid scaleable manner so as to bring about significant benefits to the customer organizations by being a leader in this business.

Core Values

Cnergyis is bound and abides by the following principles that it practices sincerely and diligently with its employees, business partners, customers and above all its stakeholders:

  • Respect for self and one another in all interactions irrespective of degree of importance
  • Ethically Un-Yielding Integrity in all its dealings by saying what we mean and meaning what we say ; Focusing all value creating actions that result in customer delight by listening more
  • Commitment to innovation based practices, continually.
  • Sharing Prosperity with employees, business partners and customers to ensure continued growth.