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Day To day HR needs of small – medium sized enterprises

The most critical asset of an SME when it is growing is its employees!

By and large, SMEs do a good job managing their employees – however there is one area that is not addressed today : Employee Services & Employee Service Support Infrastructure.

Everyone is in a hurry to grow, so the focus of everyone is to acquire new customers and meet customer requirements – every hour and every day.

Likely Status Today in your organization:
  • Some Accounting Software runs internally that you had /purchased (CAPEX, Annual AMCs, etc)
  • You face disruptions in internal payouts due to churn of HR Department teams
  • You have to have an IT Team to maintain and run the various applications internally at high costs
  • Your Time & Attendance Systems are still not all e-automated in HR
  • Leave applications still are on paper, consume time of managers and still make employees unhappy.
  • You have probably only 1 of the 8 HR Softwares that you acquired again at CAPEX this year! Have to search for new vendors for other requirements going forward? New costs, more work to do.
  • One software does not talk to the other software and HR processes have to become manual between them so people are still required in the department when there should have been no need!
  • And there are so many places where you get stuck for reports, employees not happy and HR policies, processes and procedures not understood or followed by your employees.
  • You are still not online, have to ask line team members or HR teams to give you reports on which they again invest lot of time to give you internal services.

Cnergyis is happy to introduce HR SAAS+ HR Services as one single business service for the SME.

  • You now get all HR Softwares required for you to grow your SME as you scale up – 0 Costs to you!
  • You now get HR Software that is always available – No requirements of H/W, Licenses, Data Centers, Bandwidth at the data center, etc.
  • You get HR Domain support on Best Practices whenever you want to implement it.
  • All HR Workflow requirements for SMEs are available or configured by Cnergyis on the platform

Best, all your Payroll & Statutory Compliances are outsourced to Cnergyis. No more multiple consultants, multiple software vendors, hardware vendors , data center vendors , implementation vendors , HR Domain consultants and the complete SME HR Employee Life Cycle ©MyHRMS IT Platform for your needs now available

For a monthly service fee!
Your Service Team delivering HR Services 24×7