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Frequently Asked Questions
1.1 What is this Business Opportunity?

Small & Medium Enterprises in India are growing rapidly. They already power over 40%+ of India?s GDP. SME owners powering this growth realize that they need to focus on their core competencies ? creating products and services well and executing them even better with their customer to achieve faster growth. Consequently they have begun to outsource non-core activities!

Among the various outsourcings in manufacturing and services in India, HR Outsourcing and specially Payroll & associated compliances outsourcing is being adopted by SME owners across the country. This is now a very mature business process and offers an excellent opportunity for potential business partners like you to offer these services to you existing customers or relationships who are willing to support and give you the opportunity to service them. This is a non-cyclical business for life!

1.2 What is in Rupee terms, the size of this opportunity for the Business Partner?

Each town in India has at least 500+ SMEs ? involved in manufacturing, trading, and services on the conservative side. Each one of them is your potential customer ? any SME with more than 20 employees is your customer. Profits that you make are a function of your passion, commitment and capability to build your business.

With the Cnergyis partnership plan You can reach a nett income of Rs 1 lacs/month club and upwards , guaranteed for life? in less than 4-5 months. You can reach a nett income of the Rs 5 lacs/month club and upwards , guaranteed for life? in less than 2 years. You can grow this into a very large enterprise with support from Cnergyis as Business Partners.

2.0 What is the exact scope of services that your customers will get as your Business Partner?

Cnergyis is a Cloud Human Capital Management Organization. It provides SMEs and large corporates in India the following services, for one single fee that they pay every month, month-on-month for life :

  • HCM/Human Resources Management System (HRMS) Softwares consisting of multiple functional HR modules delivered using Cnergyis Cloud Infrastructure !
  • Integration and Implementation of the above with the customer?s internal Information Technology (IT) applications that are multi-vendor type !
  • Payroll & Statutory Compliances Outsourcing Services for the customer?s employee payroll activities including generation of various Statutory Reports/Challans like PT,PF,ESIC,LWF, e-TDS, Form 16, Form 24 ,etc?!
  • Employee Help Desk Support Services for the customer?s employees, where Cnergyis becomes the extended HR arm of the SME?s employees !
  • New Product Feature Enhancements, as and when they are enabled for all the customers.

Cnergyis truly offers a unique solution encompassing

Best Practices for HR across the verticals integrated into SME HCM Platform now provided
as a Service to the SME customers.

2.1 All this for what price?

Cnergyis has made available its own proprietary HCM Software platform now for use by SME owners, their departments and their employees. Prices are now a function of which modules are used and can start with price points under Rs 10000 per month, month-on-month for employees less than 100 . Extremely affordable for all that is being delivered to the SME customer, now possible through this SME reach initiative through the Business Partners. For Start-Up organizations of less than 20 people it becomes even more affordable.

The customer does not need to buy any software or licences. They need not provision for the Server Hardware requirements and IT people for this activity. Cnergyis provides this end to end.

2.2 What is going to be your role as a Business Partner?

It is assumed that you have very strong existing relationships that trust you with your current customers or in your network. You need to be connected, ideally to one of the two key people in an SME organization:

a) The SME Owner , proprietor, Director or/and
b) The Head of Finance or Administration

This business is about outsourcing of payroll and compliances. Unless the customer or contact trusts you personally,it is not possible for the outsourcing opportunity to become a business for you.

Your role as a Business Partner is to

  • Communicate this opportunity and how it benefits the SME owner from day 1
  • Provide the reasons for him/her to immediately consider your offer of outsourcing and get his go-ahead (purchase order) to begin outsourcing for his SME organization.
  • Educate him/her of the next steps of how Cnergyis will implement the ?Solution? for the SME in the next 10 working days, with his support and give necessary information to Cnergyis to execute and take over the implementation and outsourcing from that month.
  • Continue to maintain and build relationships with your current customer and provide feedback to Cnergyis and when and where required and necessary.
2.3 Do I need to have a sales team?

Not necessary. Communicating with your relationship is best done by you, since you are talking the owners directly and they trust you. Sales or Support Teams can follow-up. Moreover it does not require selling since the basket of services is extremely attractive. It might at best require describing (appropriate communication by you) and a possible demonstration of the software platform (which is easy and you would have been trained to run this yourself). One personal meeting and a follow-up meeting /discussion should generally seal a sale in about 2-3 weeks, generally, where the owner is keen and interested.

Why add costs, when you are starting a new business? If you already have a sales team in your established business , then you do not even have to do this , which is even better.

2.4 What support will I be provided by Cnergyis?

Cnergyis will train you formally for 4 days in its Processing Center at Mumbai. The curriculum consists of training and familiarization of Product, Functional Understanding, Technical background of how the Cloud Softwares work for your knowledge, Objections of customers during your discussions and how to respond to each of them appropriately, etc.

Cnergyis will support every new prospect conversations where technical questions are asked beyond what you have already been trained for, on an on-going basis all year round as and when required.This will help close the queries raised by the SME customer?s or his/her technical team and when they occur.

Cnergyis will provide product upgradation training as and when they occur as part of its product ugradation program for all customers in the ecosystem that is announced in advance.

Cnergyis will provide a common CRM Software platform with centralized billing engine so that there is no need for any reporting management tool (as a cost and for maintainence and upkeep) going forward. The BP focusses on expanding his/her reach and Cnergyis provides all tools to help growth.

2.5 Why do I need to pay?

Cnergyis Business Partnership program is for serious partners only; partners that commit themselves financially to creating a huge business out of their investments supported by even greater investments by Cnergyis to making this partnership deliver results for both the entities on a long term.

The one time non-refundable payment for the BP is Rs 3 lacs +Taxes. The BP will sign the Standardized BP Service Agreement valid for a 5 year term and renewed subsequently at commercials thereafter.

2.6 Can?t afford to pay or say have reasons not wanting to commit now. Any options for me?

You can become a Reach Partner if you have existing relationships and clearly know that there is a need of outsourcing that can be addressed by Cnergyis.

As a Reach Partner, you :

  • Communicate this opportunity and how it benefits the SME owner from day 1
  • Get a confirmation of date and time for our identified sales team to reach the SMEowner and do the other functions of the Business Partner.
  • Support the sales team to pursue and close the decision process.
  • Cnergyis sales team closes the order and executes and begins to generate revenue.
  • Continue to get the benefit at a lower rate (Vs the BP) and for a fixed tenure of 3 years only (as against Partnership for Life? in the BP program).
2.7 Can I upgrade to becoming a Business Partner later , whenever I decide ?

Yes. Whenever you are ready to invest financially and commit completely , we will help you become.

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