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Cnergyis Inviting Partners for life.

About Cnergyis

India’s leader in HR Services, HR Technologies and HR Outsourcing. In its 13th year of operations, Cnergyis is helping organizations reap the benefits of using its ©MyHRMS IT Platform to automate Business HR Processes with On-Ground Services provided as one comprehensive business service. No Hardwares, Softwares, Costs for Companies to invest in. Pay For Services You Use, We Provide The HR Software Platform, Infrastructure, HR Services! Cnergyis works with some of the best Indian and Global organizations like HDFC Group, Marks & Spencers, Reliance ADA Group, Cipla, CRISIL among others. Cnergyis is a Delliote Technologies Fast 50 Asia Pacific Company.

The Cnergyis offer

Year 1 role

Cnergyis Business Owner – You will connect with your customer base, present the HR Outsourcing Services and finalize the pre-approved standard Cnergyis Service Agreements.
Cnergyis will support you with Marketing Collaterals, Presentation Media, Live Demonstration tools and prior training before going to the customers.

Year 2 role

In addition to now having become a successful Role A executor, we will encourage you to pick up greater responsibilities of now becoming a full fledged Cnergyis Satellite Processing (BPO) Center – You will be provided Specifications of Infrastructure Requirements , Processes, Resources of appropriate skills to be hired by you including numbers based on business customers already acquired by you in Year 1 of the operations, Training on Processing Services, Certifications and Compliance Requirements as per the Cnergyis SOP for Satellite Processing Centers.

Choice of roles from franchise catalog

Role A is basic, while Role B is optional in Year 2 and subsequent. You can continue to be in Role A for the rest of your life if you find yourself not wanting to commit to the next higher value creating Role B.

Benefits to you:
  • Low Risk
  • Start up and ongoing assistance
  • Association with the Brand Cnergyis
  • Proven business plan
  • Proven system of operation
  • Least break-even period
  • Training
  • Marketing and Sales Material
  • Sales support and assistance
  • Technical and Operational Support
  • Development support
  • Access to Knowledge Management Repository