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Data Protection – Security Dongles

Cnergyis Service Solutions now factor the highest security levels for your key confidential data: Introducing The Cnergyis UNIFIED ACESS BOX Service Solution.

Why is Cnergyis providing us this extra layer of security?
  • Security is an all-important concern for Cnergyis as it services your confidential data all the time.
  • Static passwords for online applications can ever easily be intercepted and no longer offers sufficient protection.
  • Countermeasures against fraud and data theft are a prime driver at Cnergyis to making your DATA secure all the time.

Significant DROP in your Current RISK levels

  • Key Reports Access Restricted to Authenticated and Bona-Fide Users in your organization
  • Master Data Updates now More SECURE than ever only on 2-Factor Authentication Process
What Is two factor authentication?

Attendance & Leave Management System Solutions In MumbaiTwo factor authentications implies the use of two independent means of evidence to assert an entity, rather than two iterations of the same means.

The Cnergyis 2-Factor authentication solution will allow the identified Master Users/Super Admins to run this in this stage. This will ensure that slip-ups, fraud-possibilities and non-bonafides have a significantly low probability of beating the system.

There exists a possibility of introducing Level 3 security authentication solution (Password +TOKEN +PIN) as well; which can be considered at a subsequent point in time based on the successful usage of the current level of upgrade.

What are the various authenticator options available through the CNERGYIS HRMS Platform , besides the one button authenticator that Cnergyis has currently provided, for other business uses within our organization ?

A Range of over 100 different authentication devices including one-button and PIN-pad devices, card readers and software based solutions can be now be made available. Besides this it is possible to have a “token” on your mobile phone as well as your windows PC eliminating the need for you to carry another device.

Who has Cnergyis Partnered with for this Technology?

VASCO Data Security International, Inc. is a world leader in strong authentication and e-signature solutions, specializing in online accounts, identities and transactions.

The ©MyHRMS Cnergyis platform now integrates the best-in-class global authentication solutions.